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ABB/Thomas & Betts – Elastimold Division, Hackettstown, NJ – Factory Transformation – Master Plan

​ABB/Thomas & Betts retained our firm to plan the upgrade and transformation of their 90,000 square foot medium voltage electrical switchgear and components manufacturing plant into a world class facility. The plant consists of 14 buildings constructed from 1950 to 1995 and includes manufacturing, testing, warehousing and offices. This project involved all aspects of building construction and design disciplines. The scope of work included planning and budgeting for corporate approval.

Sussex County Dept. of Central & Shared Services, Newton, NJ – Records Retention Centers

Our firm provided programming, space planning, design and construction phase services for the renovation of six spaces totaling 8000 square feet into two records retention centers (county prosecutor’s evidence file and archival rooms, and county general records file and archival rooms). The design services included architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection. The scope of work included HVAC, humidity control, security and access control, climate and water detection, pre-action dry and FM-200 fire protection systems, standby power provisions, waterproofing, hi-density shelving, etc. This was a multi-phased renovation project in the lower (below grade) level of a 50 plus year old building.

West-Ward Pharmaceuticals, Eatontown, NJ – Lab Waste Chemical Storage Facility

​West-Ward retained our firm to scope out and design a lab waste chemical storage facility. Within their 20,000 square feet laboratory, offices, R&D and pilot production facility West-Ward needed to consolidate their chemical waste storage into a dedicated space or building. The scope of the engineering services included the evaluation of options. From cost and constructability considerations, a prefabricated 500 square feet, dual compartment (flammables & corrosives) enclosure located outside of the building was selected. The design services included civil (site plan approvals), architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and structural.

West-Ward Pharmaceuticals, Eatontown, NJ – Manufacturing Space Conversion

​West-Ward retained our firm to scope out and design the conversion of 3,000 square foot production space for relocating fast coaters and dust collectors, and expansion of equipment washrooms. This space is part of a 35,000 square foot GMP manufacturing and warehouse facility. The project needed to be implemented within an active facility. The design services included architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection.

West-Ward Pharmaceuticals, Eatontown, NJ – Lab Space Redesign

West-Ward retained our firm to scope out and design the renovation of 5,000 square foot laboratory support and storage space into a glassware washroom, breakroom, toilet rooms and stability chambers storage room. This space is part of a 33,000 square foot laboratory, offices, R&D and pilot production facility. The project needed to be implemented within an active facility. The project approach was design-build with our firm acting as the construction manager. The design services included architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection.

New Brunswick City – Buccleuch Park Facility Renovations

CP was engaged by the City of New Brunswick to prepare construction documents to rehabilitate three structures at Buccleuch Park: the public restroom facility, a gazebo, and a 6,600 square foot open-air pavilion. A forensic investigation of the three structures was performed consisting of a thorough examination of the buildings in order to determine the cause of many problematic issues, as well as to assess their current condition and any potential hazards. Detailed, existing conditions drawings were developed of all three structures followed by construction drawings to be used as a repair guide for bringing the structures back up to good physical condition and proper working order as well as Code and barrier free compliance.

Blair Academy – Wastewater Treatment Facility

Blair Academy engaged CP to design a new 905 square foot wastewater treatment facility to replace the existing facility onsite. The design of the facility included an office and lab space; ADA compliant restroom, chemical storage; and mechanical and electrical equipment rooms. The building was designed to be consistent with the architectural style of nearby campus structures at the site to ensure a cohesive appearance.

Lafayette House – Rehabilitation and Renovation of Historic Building

The owner of a recently purchased 3,000 square foot, four story, historic structure contracted with CP to field measure and develop existing conditions drawings, perform a structural analysis of the existing timber framing, and conduct a building and rehabilitation code review to be used in the renovation of the historic structure.

Private Manufacturer – Egress Plans

A large manufacturing company that was reconfiguring their 202,000 square foot operating space engaged CP to prepare code-required egress and emergency lighting plans for their new equipment and storage layout. The entire facility was laser measured and existing conditions drawings were developed in CAD followed by an intensive building code analysis to determine exiting requirements. Emergency exit plans were developed based on calculated occupant loads, travel distance limitations, and required number of exits.

Townhouse & Condominium Redevelopment – Scotch Plains

CP advised client on proposed condominium and townhouse redevelopment strategy and performed environmental and engineering services. Our team conducted Environmental Assessments and Reports, Site Investigations and Remedial Action; Prepared and submitted documents for approval by the NJDEP for the determination of Wetlands; Prepared site plans for proposed condominium and townhouse redevelopment; Site grading, pavement, stormwater management systems, and engineering and Institutional controls to deal with environmentally Impacted media; Assisted with geotechnical services to advise client on subsurface issues; Provided cost estimate services for engineering and environmental tasks; Worked with governmental agency representatives to determine required local, county, and state permits.

Our team prepared redevelopment plans to change a commercial zone to a residential zone for a Condo-Townhouse development; Addressed environmentally impacted media; Provided value environmental and construction assessments and project solutions; Provided environmental, engineering and construction management services for a turnkey package approach.

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