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Picatinny Arsenal Neutron Imager Installation Ancillary Equipment

CP was retained as part of a design/build team for the installation of a radiography facility consisting of a neutron imager, electrical controls and cooling cabinets; high voltage power supply; and auxiliary equipment.  The scope of the design work included a new process:  refrigerated recirculating fluid chiller, air compressor and associated distribution piping, exhaust gas ventilation system; power distribution to all equipment; electrical safeties and interlocks; and new concrete shield walls.

Lake Mohawk Country Club – Boiler Replacement

CP was retained by Lake Mohawk Country Club to provide design and construction administration services for a boiler upgrade project for their clubhouse in Sparta, New Jersey.  The upgrade included a fuel conversion from fuel oil to natural gas.  The project consisted of the replacement of a noncondensing 1729 MBH hot water boiler with two high efficiency condensing boilers with combined gross output of 1000 MBH with associated equipment.

Selective Insurance Company – Cooling Tower Replacement

Our firm was engaged by Selective Insurance Company to evaluate and replace the cooling tower and associated equipment in order to improve energy efficiency and improve overall cooling system operation at their Branchville facility. We provided the design for a new cooling tower (including fans with variable frequency drives), structural supports for the tower, circulating water pumps, sump pump, condenser water separator, and associated piping and valves.

ABB/Thomas & Betts – Molded Vacuum Recloser (MVR) Building HVAC

Our firm was retained to design an HVAC system for the MVR fabrication and assembly building at ABB’s plant in Hackettstown, NJ. This was a complete renovation of the existing product assembly and shipping/receiving building, a pre-engineered metal building built in 1973. The heating system was the only controlled environmental resource with minimal ventilation.

The building envelope insulation had to be upgraded to comply with current energy codes. Assembly process temperature and tight humidity control were required. In addition, a significant heat rejection from large rubber molding presses posed a design challenge. The design included a 120 ton, 40,000 CFM hot-gas reheat packaged HVAC unit with electric heat and steam humidifier to provide seamless operation during the winter season.

U.S. Army Garrison at West Point, NY – Steam and Condensate Piping Replacement

Our firm provided design and construction support services to replace 860 feet of steam and condensate piping. The project presented several challenges during each phase due to unforeseen conditions which required innovative engineering solutions. The military academy required a higher-grade steam pipe to replace the existing system, as well as additional detailing of the connections and entrances into the vaults and buildings. Difficulties arose with non-documented utilities that required state-of-the-art installation procedures and extra cutting of the fabricated piping to install the pipe between the utilities. The new system also included a sacrificial anode to protect the system.

Frankford Township Board of Education – Air Conditioning System

Our firm provided study, design, funding application, bidding, and construction phase services for the air conditioning of a 6000 square foot gym/multipurpose room and (18) 800 square foot classrooms. Included in this project was the installation of two 12.5 ton rooftop packaged air conditioning units for the multipurpose room and (18) 3.5 ton split ductless air conditioning systems with CO2 detection/control for fresh air intake. All units were integrated into an existing BMS system for monitoring and control. Upgrades to the electrical distribution system were required to support the new equipment.

Sussex County Community College (SCCC) Newton, NJ – Building D Renovations – Air Conditioning

Sussex County Community College retained our design and construction support services for a central air conditioning system in conjunction with window and facade renovation improvements to the college’s main academic building. The 40,000 square foot building was originally built in 1927, and had undergone several renovations. This project consisted of replacing the out of service rooftop make-up air units with two new 6000 CFM packaged HVAC rooftop units for fresh air, and a VRF system with four 12 ton rooftop heat pumps (ACCUs) for air conditioning with ceiling mounted blower units (ACs) in each room (60) with individual room controls. All equipment was connected to the existing building management system via BACNET communications network. Related design work included electrical for the HVAC equipment with new panelboards, and structural for new steel dunnage for the new rooftop HVAC equipment.

Sussex County Community College (SCCC) – Boiler Upgrade

The college retained our services for construction administration, start-up and project close-out services for the upgrade of the boilers in classroom and office buildings B/C, D & E (approximately 40,0000 square feet each). The scope of the project included replacement of non-condensing boilers with new high efficiency 1000 MBH condensing gas fired boilers (two in each of the three buildings) with associated boiler and distribution system loop pumps (VFD), zone control valves, etc. Building D was a steam to hot water conversion with all new fin tube baseboard radiation piping. The existing buildings included: Building B/C (2) – 2900 MBH hot water boilers and distribution system, Building D (1) 2500 and (1) 2900 MBH steam boilers and distribution system, Building E (2) 3100 MBH hot water boilers and distribution system. The existing boilers and pumps were past their expected service life, had low efficiencies and were oversized for the current loads and cycled frequently.

New York City Department of Environmental Protection – Boiler Upgrade

Our firm was retained through a contractor of the NYC DEP to design and provide construction support on a boiler upgrade for the laboratory and office facility of Kingston, NY. The project consisted of replacing two 6000 MBH non-condensing boilers and associated pumps with three new 3000 MBH high efficiency condensing boilers as well as the replacement of an existing hot water storage tank, new pumps including boiler supply, HEX and glycol system pumps, and the replacement of existing chimneys. Challenges included designing a two-tiered pump array to maximize the available space in the boiler room and make provisions for temporary hot water service to the building during construction.

Senior Center – Verona, NJ – Boiler Upgrade

Our firm was retained by SHP Management to design a boiler upgrade for the Senior Center in Verona, NJ. The project consisted of replacing 14 non-condensing 4304 MBH boiler plant and associated pumps with two 3000 MBH high efficiency condensing boilers and two 700 MBH high efficiency condensing domestic hot water boilers with associated storage tank, pumps (duplex boiler, primary loop, heating Hx, AHU loop, perimeter heat, domestic hot water boiler, domestic hot water circulation), heat exchangers and air separators.

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