Life at CP

The CP Way

Do you sense that the people you work with have your back? Are you being recognized for going the extra mile? Is doing the right thing something you would never waiver from? If you can relate to these core values, then CP may be where you belong.

A Professional Environment
Built To Foster Success

Work should be fulfilling and rewarding. It should challenge and support your personal growth and professional development. CP is committed to these philosophies and more.

At CP, “invested in your success” isn’t a platitude. It’s a promise.

At CP, we embrace diversity, support and celebrate how each of us are unique and benefit from our employees’ differences.  CP is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.

The CP Core Values

We’ve Got Your Back

Too many firms jump in with solutions before they fully understand the problem. The result? Out-of-scope proposals that focus in the wrong direction costing time and money. At the outset, we invest time and energy to listen, we ask the right questions; and then we present a proposal to achieve those goals in a time and cost-effective manner. You don’t have time and money to waste.  You rely on your experts to have your back.

Do the Right Thing

Integrity is our compass in everything we do.  It’s one of the reasons we have been so successful in retaining our clients for multiple decades.  There is no compromise.

No Entitlements, Earn Your Way

Every client, staff member, and strategic partner is treated with respect.  We work hard to build trust and earn our business.  We are not entitled to it – we need to earn it.

A Passion for Knowledge

The world changes continuously. There are new resources and technologies to help solve the complex problems we all face.  We continuously embrace change and our ability to master new solutions to serve you better.

Genuinely Appreciate Others

We appreciate those with whom we work, live and engage. We do not take this for granted and we constantly strive to demonstrate our appreciation.

Our core values are not what we strive to be; rather, they are who we are and how we live our lives.


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